Add A Feather To Your CAPP

Small and medium-sized businesses are the growth levers of any country. In India, over 40% of employability is created by the SMBs and they contribute over 50% to the country’s GDP. Growth of SMBs is crucial for creating jobs in our country. We are a committed group with a mission to assist them in realising their growth opportunity. Over the last decade, we have been continuously working on developing and evolving management practises which will allow SMBs to scale. We, along with our partners, are passionately working with the SMBs to assist them in the areas which are of most importance for their survival and growth. And you can join our mission too.

SMBs have many challenges; while, we are yet to solve all of them, we have covered a few areas which will be useful for them to realise their potential. Look up at the SMB Services section on our website to know more about the kind of initiatives we undertake. We need professionals like you to help reach out to the SMBs and deliver our programs across the country. You will make the most of your education and talent by utilising it for the betterment of our people. Here are the top five reasons for you to join us in our mission:

1. Work At Your Own Pace:
Being a Consultant Advisor Partner, you work at your own pace. You can choose your time and days you would be able to commit to the purpose. You can also work with as many organisation as you like.

2. Build Your Thought Leadership:
As you help us deliver the programs, you get to build your credibility. You see yourself as someone who knows the way forward. Your experience while working with one organisation is vital information which will work as a roadmap for many others. You'll also get the opportunity to share your experience and voice your opinion on our platform -
CEO BottomLine

3. Learn New Things:
Our program framework allows you to question many things within the business and also helps you explore new areas which support the SMBs find their way out. In doing so, you learn some of the best grass root level information, which is a real eye-opener.

4. Contribute To A Useful Purpose:
Your effort and commitment can help SMBs grow, which also allows an organisation to create jobs. As you help them transform their workplace culture, the families get benefited. Creating this win-win magic is a satisfaction which doesn't have any substitute.

5. Become A Business Coach:
You will get the training to transform yourself into a business coach. Our internal training programs will help you understand the factors that help the organisation grow. You will be able to assess and solve business issues.